grace hopper award program Finalists


Emerging leader award finalists

The Emerging Leader Award is granted to a girl aged 18 - 30 years who is bringing change through technology or has outstanding achievements in tech. The category recognizes those with exceptional academic performances, professional aspirations, or community impact at an early age.

Ana Robakidze

Head of Engineering at Clientela

Mariam Gagua

Co-Founder of Fennec Tech Studio

Mariam Lomtadze

Dev Degree Intern at Shopify

ICT CHampion Award finalists

The ICT Champion Award is granted to a woman in a senior role in the technology industry and is a role model for other women, bringing change individually or within the organization in education, private sector, government, consulting, or non-profit.

Maka Makhatadze

IT Academy STEP Georgia Branch Co-Founder and Director

Natia Khukhunaishvili

IT Service Development Manager

Sopo Chkoidze

Co-founder + COO at Pulsar AI

tech entrepreneurship award finalists

The Tech Startup Award is granted to a startup either owned or led by a woman that has significant success and growth and introduces innovative products, services, or business models using ICT. The category showcase startups driving the entrepreneurial scenery with the potential to scale.



program award finalists

The Program Award recognizes a program, project, or community initiative that supports girls’ and women’s engagement in tech through skills development, publicity campaigns, mentorship, or others.

coding school for women

Business and Technology University

engineering school for girls 101

Ilia State University

women's economic empowerment

Innovative Education Foundation

industry award finalists

The Industry Award is designed to recognize an exemplary organisation making strides in the ICT industry for achieving equality, diversity, and the advancement of women in tech leadership.




Supporter award finalists

The Supporter Award recognizes an individual either a woman or a man who has shown leadership and is contributing to gender equality in the organization or the technology industry and is a role model for others in promoting women in tech.

Lili Pulariani

Digital Technology Specialist, Lecturer and Co-founder of "Digital Literacy Spreading Women"

Mako Kurtiashvili

General Manager at Smart Academy, Managing Partner at Smart Web, Co-founder at Nikola Tesla School, Strategic Advisor at hiro

merab labadze

Director and co-founder, Innovative Education Foundation