Program Award

The Program Award recognizes a program, project, or community initiative that supports girls’ and women’s engagement in tech through skills development, publicity campaigns, mentorship, or others. The category seeks to highlight the initiatives whether formal or informal that establish support systems for Georgian women in scale, reach scale and achieve long-lasting impact. The activities could be both ongoing, as well as recently completed. The award can be awarded to a program led either by a woman or a man.


Nominated programs, projects, or activities should meet the following criteria:

  • Have its activities in Georgia.

  • Have achieved measurable impact.

  • Provide learning, awareness-raising, and capacity-building activities precisely for girls and women in the field of ICT or with a strong emphasis on the involvement of girls and women.

  • Celebrate and encourage diversity and accessibility.

Nominations of programs that meet the above criteria should be submitted by a representative of the program.

Gender Equality Council at the Parliament of Georgia will award the category winner with the symbolic prize, a limited-edition coin created specially for the 100 years of Parliamentarism, with the representation of King Tamar.

Public nominations are now closed

The winners will be announced in June 2022