Industry Award

The Industry Award is designed to recognize an exemplary organisation making strides in the ICT industry for achieving equality, diversity, and the advancement of women in tech leadership. The category looks out to celebrate all types of initiatives, leadership practices, or commitments that companies have made in order to achieve a scalable and long-lasting impact for gender equality within their organizations or the country at large. The industry award can be awarded to a company led by a woman or a man or jointly.


Nominated institutions should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a registered company, non-profit organization, educational institution or association in Georgia.

  • Be operating in the field of ICT and innovations.

  • Be at least 1 years old.

  • Have at least 5 full time employees.

  • Have leadership practices, HR policies, programs, or public engagements that support equality, diversity, and advancement of women in tech leadership.

  • Achieves scale and long-lasting impact for equality and diversity in the ICT industry.

Nominations of candidates that meet the above criteria should be submitted by a representative of the organization.

UN Women will support the winner with the publicity campaign about the organization through diverse media publicity.

Public nominations are now closed

The winners will be announced in June 2022